Photo from the Action
Supreme Court police look on before arresting the
nine abolitionists for unfurling a 30-foot banner on January 17, 2007.
Photo by Reuters.

Photos and Video
Photos of the action (by Sheila Stumph)
Video of the action (music courtesy of Blowback)
Police video of action/arrests (91 meg AVI download)
Police video of processing (24 meg AVI download)

Read about who was arrested

Nine Arrested on 30th Gilmore Anniversary
and Found Guilty for Protesting on Supreme Court Grounds

DECEMBER 2010 UPDATE! D.C. Court Upholds Arrest of Protesters at Supreme Court
read article in the Legal Times | read the 2009 appeal press release in PDF

Beth Brockman Tom Muther Rachel Lawler Jack Payden-Travers Scott Langley Anna Shockley Frank Dew Ron Kaz Brian Buckley

WASHINGTON -- Thirty years after the first execution under contemporary laws of Gary Gilmore, nine members of the Abolitionist Action Committee were arrested at the U.S. Supreme Court on January 17, 2007.

The group unfurled a 30-foot banner that read “STOP EXECUTIONS!” on the stairs of the Court. All nine members were arrested and jailed for more than 30 hours before being released by a Superior Court judge.

On June 28, eight of the abolitionists were found guilty in DC court, but sentenced to time served. At an earlier March appearance, a ninth was sentenced to 6 months of unsupervised probation and a suspended sentence of 3 days. An appeal of the group's decision is pending.

Photo of the SC-8 before trial

Full report about the June 28 trial

More about the January 17 action

June 28 trial press release

Photos of the action and arrests

Biographies of the 9 who were arrested

Official police video: action/arrests | processing
(download as large AVI files in Real Player)

This event was organized by The Abolitionist Action Committee - an ad-hoc group of individuals committed to highly visible and effective public education for alternatives to the death penalty through nonviolent direct action.

Press Reports from the 2007 Action
Photo in the New York Times - Jan 18th
Photo in the Washington Post - Jan 18th
Video clip in CNN report - Jan 18th
Article #2 and Photos in the Washington Post - Jan 18th
Article in the Legal Times - Jan 18th
Rutland Herald (VT) - Jan 24th

Press Reports from the June 28 Trial
Vermont Public Radio - interview with defendant Rachel Lawler
Article in the Rutland Herald (VT)- July 4th

Read here about the action in 2002 and the results from the proceeding trial which resulted in an aquittal by Judge Mildred Edwards. Pleading not guilty after arrest, the "Supreme Court 7" stood trial in Superior Court of the District of Columbia on June 28, 2002 for violating laws prohibiting demonstrations on the steps of the Supreme Court. Photos, video and a trial transcript are available on the page.

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